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Marketo Success Series: Event Programs

Back in March, Marketo asked the Community to comment on the twelfth edition with the questions they have for Marketo and the topics they want to hear about. In this month’s Fearless edition, in addition to information on our virtual Adobe Summit, an exciting blog series by Marketo Champions. Founder of Chapman Bright and 4x Marketo Champion©, Diederik Martens, contributed a chapter for an eBook called Champion success series. You can read the full post on

Marketo Success Series: Event Programs

Welcome to the Marketo Success Series! In this series, we partner with Marketo Champions and Champion Alumni to fully explore how some of our most celebrated Marketo experts are using Marketo to drive success. In this edition, Marketo Champions Christina Zuniga and Diederik Martens teamed up to create a full deep-dive into how they are leveraging Event Programs. The full article is available on the Marketo Community

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