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Mobile Rise Increases and puts your Conversion Model at Risk

Mary Meeker of Morgan Stanley wrote a post on her blog in 2008. She wrote that by 2013 more people would be on the internet with a mobile device than with a desktop. Now 2 years later i’m wondering if this could become reality.

I have checked the mobile device use of 3 big websites a manage last month. It shows the increase of mobile device for the past year (Dutch).

It shows that mobile traffic has trippled in the past year! Further analysis showed there is an increase of 40% per quarter for all three websites. This could mean that Mary Meeker’s statement could become reality much sooner. I believe we will have over 25% mobile visits within 18 months (March 2012).

Big consequences of mobile increase!
Visitors on a mobile device surf the internet in a different way. In a comment on Mary Meeker ’s story by EmediaVitals they are also mentioned as „content snackers“. Your entire conversion strategy might be at risk. At the business school I work we are focussing on brochure downloads. Interested visitors leave their contact details in exchange for a brochure download (each course has its own brochure). These leads are passed to sales. Analytic data shows that visitors on a mobile device are less likely to download a brochure. Now what?

So your strategy needs to take „content snacking“ into account. Make sure your content is prepared in bite size chunks which people can view, store and share easily. A great conversion technique might be to suggest people to subscribe for a relevant content feed (by e-mail). Especially as mobile users are also known as „hyper email checkers“. They check their email 64% more than non-mobile users.

Read the November 2012 update here!

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