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Achieving Success with Marketing Automation

With over 20 years of experience working with marketing technology tools, including Marketo Engage, the team at Chapman Bright have mastered the process of taking marketing strategy and helping teams translate it to SMART programs that deliver on your marketing investment. And this is what we know about how you can ensure your business achieves the business case for your marketing automatio journey.


Focus on value with scalibility in mind

Implementing marketing automation alone is not enough to generate business value, it’s how you use it. Understanding the why, what, who, how of your marketing strategy allows you to set a clear path to success and what that looks like for your business. This roadmap of value-generating use cases helps you leverage your marketing automation platform, and thereby contribute to your business case. Focusing on the most relevant and lucrative use cases helps you prioritize your efforts and deliver value in the short term, whilst keeping scalability in mind, as you take into account your future needs.

At Chapman Bright, we have developed a unique integrated methodology that integrates strategy and operations in a comprehensive approach to digital transformation and growing your business using marketing technology, such as Marketo. You can read more about our Chaploop™ methodology here.

Building your growth machine 

Digital transformation may seem like a challenging and complex task, so we find that breaking it down into manageable pieces is the way to go. Adopting an agile delivery process, with close team collaboration and the involvement of clients in the process of work, helps us ensure that value creation keeps pace and waste is reduced. Projects are planned in short cycles we call loops and allow businesses to stay responsive to change and adapt to performance and customer feedback. Curious about how exactly an agile process delivers success? We break down the details in this video about why agile scrum is the best way to roll out marketing automation.

Learn from the best

The best way to start, especially when you’re new to marketing automation and unsure about what works for you and your customers, is to learn from the experience of others. Adopting tried and tested best practices will give you the head start you need for marketing success. Of course while recipes work, you might want to tweak them to suit your specific needs, so there is always room to innovate, test and get creative.

Plan for the future & win today 

Experience working with multinationals across a variety of industries (including more than a decade of world-class Marketo Engage experience) has taught us that what works are solutions that are scalable, and future proof. This means planning & building for your future needs today. To do that you will need to identify use cases that contribute to your business case short term and long term. Once defined, you will need to prioritize them, delivering your quick wins today, while you prepare the solid infrastructure that can scale to cater to you current and future ambitions.

Get comfortable in the driver’s seat 

While you might want to start your transformation journey with some help with a trusted partner to set-up your complex ecosystem and process, this in no way means you lose control of the ‘beast’ you’ve created together. With the right partner, you can empower your team with the tools and training to play and active role in your transformation journey today, and for years to come. At Chapman Bright we believe that the key to success is empowering our clients to take the lead, by transferring our knowledge and capabilities to their team. That’s why any project we take on includes training, detailed documentation & work instructions to ensure continuity and scalability, giving your team the confidence to take the next valuable step as they lead your business to success.


Implementing a MarTech solution like Marketo Engage is the simpler part of your transformation journey – a journey that does not end when the last training has been delivered. It is simply the start of a journey in which you will continuously learn and improve, adding incremental value to your business as you learn and grow.

When trying to solve challenges for your organization, it is important to first understand the problem as well as the ambition, and what better way to do that than to involve stakeholders and process owners in the conversation?

This is why we recommend a pragmatic hands-on approach, bringing stakeholders together for a hands-on workshop to identify the most value-contributing use cases.

And to help you lead the conversation in the right direction, we’ve created an easy to use template that will aid you in fleshing out use cases, and mapping them out by benefit vs. effort. This will allow you to determine where to prioritize your efforts and define the roadmap to your marketing automation success.


Free Template - Defining Your Marketing Automation Roadmap

Need help defining your uses cases? Here's an easy to use template to help you define and prioritise use cases that add value to your business today, while keeping scalability and your future needs in mind.

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