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Marketing at scale: Diederik's interview

Emily Sue Tomac from TrustRadius interviewed Diederik in Las Vegas last May. Her article has now been published on Her article is about growing pains and marketing at scale. She interviewed five B2B marketers leaders for their key lessons learned. Diederik was one of those five people Emily interviewed for You can find a part of the article in the paragraph below. You’ll find a link to the full article just below the snapshot.

Marketing at scale article snapshot

« I think technology has changed the role of Marketing—or, rather, allowed it to change. One of the key things is being able to measure marketing with technology. This changed Marketing from a cost center to a profit center, and the fact that you can show what you’re bringing to the table allows you to do marketing in a different way. If you zoom out far enough, it can make you a strategic partner for growth. For me, at Quintiq, I had unlimited budget to try, fail, and innovate. That’s how I managed to grow that company. I was employee 600, and two years later we hired about employee 1,000. » — Diederik Martens, Marketing Ops at Trend Micro; formerly, head of worldwide marketing ops at Quintiq »

You can read the full article here:
Five Key Lessons From B2B Marketing Leaders

Additional thoughts on marketing growing pains

In May 2011, over 5 years ago, Diederik put some thoughts on paper on marketing maturity. He came up with a marketing maturity growth model, which you can read here. A lot has changed since then. But the idea still holds today. Though some of the areas within the marketing disciple have shifted. Marketing has grown. Marketing technology keeps becoming more affordable. It enables marketers to be the only group of people within a company to truly understand (and engage) customers at scale. With companies becoming ever more custumer centric, we’re entering a golden age for marketers. The biggests challenge? Overcoming marketing growing pains when marketing at scale!

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