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Content is the fuel for meaningful engagement

Today’s buyer behaviour has changed, people self-inform before buying. This means the right content should be available for leads at the right time, so they are able to engage with you. To do this, we must understand buying behaviour to engage meaningfully. More readily available and affordable technology enables us to do just that.

More organizations struggle with their lead management. For example:

  • How do you know which questions a lead has in a buying stage?
  • How do you align your content in the right format, channel, and time? How to auto-select the right engagement program?
  • How can we support sales in closing deals?

With Lead nurturing you can market to new people systematically
To be relevant to leads, it’s important to send out more targeted communication. More targeted emails means more engagement and this eventually leads to more marketing qualified leads. Lead nurturing provides more targeted automated communication to each lead, so relevant information is send to leads that are engaging with your organization. Nurture programs can be classified by different segment, such as vertical, product, buying stage or what else is important to your organization.

Forrester Research Companies that excel in lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost per lead.

Are your leads and customers engaging with your content?
Engagement scores are a valuable instrument in judging how effective every piece of content in your nurture stream is. Below you can find the results of an anonymous company of us where the click rates have been doubled and the click-to-open rates have been tripled in nurture campaigns in comparison to direct mailings from that same year.

Lead Nurturing

Drive results by improving nurture streams
The right content means more engagement, therefore it’s important to deep-dive into the email statistics and see why one email is engaging more than the other. Take a close look at the buyer stage, does the content of your email fit in well in this stage?
Next to that a larger qualified database means more engagement. How are you auto-assigning your leads to the nurture streams? See if you can qualify more leads for your programs by requesting campaigns for downloads, web page visits, tradeshow attendance, and more.

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