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Using marketing automation to prove the business case for making optimal use of engagement tools by increasing engagement within their membership club



Graco is a worldwide leader in manufacturing and marketing premium equipment to move, measure, control, dispense and spray a wide variety of fluid and powder materials. They guarantee technical excellence, world-class manufacturing and the best customer service. Their mission is to generate sustained profitable growth that will benefit their customers, shareholders, employees and communities.

Graco already included marketing automation in their marketing strategy, but wanted to see if they could use it to leverage their current customer system for up- and cross-sell opportunities. Graco has a Contractor’s Membership club that their customers can be members of. They intended to change this club in a way that members could engage more and better with Graco as a brand and with its products. The idea was that members would receive tailor made promotions, rewards and more and better information about Graco once they were registered. Their goal was to see how they could stimulate their customers to join this club, how they could activate the non-active members and how they could encourage existing members of the club to buy more products from Graco.


To achieve this, Marketo Engage was implemented to create a personal interaction, including content programs, engagement programs and persona scoring. Chapman Bright developed a business case in which the biggest lead nurturing opportunities were identified. Content was put into programs, and together with marketing and sales a lead scoring model was created to identify the most sales-ready customers. Persona scoring was used to measure whether these customers became active. It became clear that the inactive customers were the biggest opportunity for Graco to focus on.


The developed business case underlying this Contractor’s Membership club hypothesis showed that through higher engagement, 6 to 7 times the order value could be generated. Graco now has a scalable solution to engage with their members and can manage and grow their own Marketo Engage processes.

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