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Nurture & Scoring

How can I really generate better quality leads for our sales, by going beyond standard drip-nurture and out-of-the-box scoring methods?
Jacques van Seeters, Principal Consultant & Partner "Research institutes conclude that businesses who nurture leads make 50% more sales at a cost 33% less than non-nurtured prospects. 20% buys now and 80% buys later. How will you use this in your advantage?"

Commercial leaders are asking themselves:

  • We generate a lot of new names. Only a few turn into deals. How to improve? And how can we revive the waste?
  • End-to-end conversion is dropping, so the cost per sale is rising. How to address this?
  • How can our expensive sales focus only on those leads that have the highest propensity to buy?
  • What would the initial business for lead nurturing case look like?
  • What are the requirements for lead nurturing (e.g. tools, data, skills, CRM)?
  • What kind of (proven) nurture strategies are out there?

Frontrunning practitioners ask themselves:

  • How can I send the right message to the right person at the right time?
  • What are best-practices for timing and duration?
  • How do I know which content to create (type and topic)?
  • How do I improve my nurture programs?
  • Are there scoring templates/examples available?
  • Are there more nurture methods than drip nurture?
  • Who will create all the content?

Our offering

We offer your company to leverage proven nurture and scoring methods, to turn more, expensively generated, new names into qualitative leads for sales. So they can focus on the leads with the highest propensity to buy. This increases your end-to-end conversion. And ultimately reduces the cost per sale. But there are more different nurture opportunities throughout the buyers journey, customer journey, and sales process.

Together we can optimize your nurture and scoring for better and measurable results.

We can offer you three packages: Elementary, Mature, and Advanced

  • Lead Management and Lead Lifecycle
  • Enabling scalable content nurturing
  • Engagement nurture logic
  • Buying propensity & interest scoring
  • Content creation factory
  • Performance management


nurturing scoring

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Some customers we helped with our Nurture & Scoring methodologies

Martin Sinning, Innogy (BitB) "They have great expertise with Marketo and a great ability to coach and empower people to work with Marketo."

Related methodology

Operations > Leverage > Engagement

How can you ensure you can leverage what you have deployed? We see four crucial elements to this. One of them is Engagement.

Everything you do evolves around your (potential) customer. How can you optimally leverage the engagement with them. Through nurturing, scoring, events, webinars, chat, feedback, or conversational marketing. How can you leverage learnings and best-practices with a center-of-excellence and templated campaigns?

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Chaploop - Operations - Leverage - Engagement

You'll be able to leverage proven templates and methodologies

marketo engage engagement program

We'll enable you with documentation, work instructions, and training

Work instructions and documentation

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You're missing out by directly linking to PDFs

With a PDF Viewer and some adjustments to Munchkin, you can leverage each viewed PDF page in your scoring and/or other logic within Marketo.


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