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Marketo is an engagement platform. And it’s one of the most connected and open marketing platforms on the market. The marketing technology enables you to do lead management, marketing automation, lead scoring, account based marketing, digital advertising, email marketing, real-time personalization, reporting, marketing ROI, campaigning, event marketing, and so much more. It’s that thing marketers use to start their day.

Marketo is considered a leader according to analist firms such as Gartner and Forrester. And they have the customers to prove it. Though most of their customers and our customers are in B2B, it can easily be used for B2C as well. Chapman Bright is Marketo Partner Nederland. And Chapman Bright is a Marketo-only niche agency that focuses on your personal success in driving business growth through MarTech. And we’re the only Marketo Gold Partner in the Benelux with offices in The Netherlands.

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Diederik Martens, Chief Marketing Technologist "Marketo is a growthhacker's dream MarTech toolbox, to rapidly pilot and scale hypotheses for business growth."

What's your Marketo challenge?

And how we can help you.

I'm not seeing any ROI

Help us prove and achieve ROI Read

We need training

for talent enablement Read

New implementation

We need guidance Read

We want to integrate

We need API expertise Read

My Marketo admin left

We've a lack of expertise Read

I inherited an instance

I need to get up-to-speed Read

We've limited resources

We'd like to outsource Read

Install an add-on from Launchpoint

We need support Read

Josh Hill, Author Marketo Rockstar Guides,
about Chapman Bright
"A lot of experience with lead management, lead nurturing, and sales alignment in fast-growing (B2B) organizations of all sizes..... Built top grade martech and funnel systems and is well known for unique solutions to challenging business processes."

Curious how we leverage the platform to boost our customers’ businesses?

We help 30+ Marketo customers in different industries to leverage the platform.
Customer Story

Enabling relevant acquisition and retention campaigns in the B2B energy market with Marketo

Read about challenges and solutions in multiple (Marketo) projects.

Customer Story

Improving sales alignment, lead management, and the Marketo setup, to generate more sales ready leads

EMEA received the ‘keys’ to Marketo from the US office, but was unable to leverage Marketo’s potential to boost the business in EMEA.

Customer Story

Planon, Marketo frontrunner in The Netherlands, outsourced projects related to GDPR, data quality, and campaign deployment to us.

A success journey towards digital transformation






Curious how we can help you leverage your Marketo instance?

Our Marketo experts

Some of our Marketo Certified Experts and/or Certified Solution Acrhitects

Arjen Segers

Marketing Technology Consultant Read more

Fianna van Dijk

MarTech Specialist Read more

Heleen Abegg

Campaign Manager a.i. Read more

Jacques van Seeters

Principal Consultant & Partner Read more

Diederik Martens

Chief Marketing Technologist & Founder Open biography

Katja Keesom

Senior MarTech Consultant Read more

CHAPLOOP™ Our proven method for growing your business with Marketo

Nowadays your prospects and customers expect your company to be relevant, by understanding them. Ever improving and more affordable marketing technology allows your company, and your competitors, to do just that. It’s up to you to win the race against your competition.

With the Chaploop™ there finally is a repeatable methodology that puts all the pieces and topics together in a meaningfull way. Before the Chaploop™ topics like ‘lead scoring’, ‘data’, ‘organization’ and ‘training’ were just unconnected words in table or grid view.

Read more on how our methodology helps you grow your business with MarTech, such as Marketo.


Marketo related MarTech

Let us help you roll out the following Marketo addons


Conversational Marketing Read


Survey Marketing Read


Video Marketing Read


Marketo Sales Intelligence Read

Need additional features?

Let us help you roll out the following additional Marketo features

Account Based Experiences (ABX), f.k.a. Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Predictive Content, f.k.a. Content AI

Web Personalization, f.k.a. Real Time Personalization

Marketo Sales Connect, f.k.a. Sales Engage

Bizible for Revenue Metrics

Integrations (E.g. Salesforce, Dynamics, or custom)

Curious how we can help you leverage your Marketo instance?