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Implementing Marketo Engage to leverage account-based marketing for business growth

o9 Solutions


o9 Solutions is an Integrated Business Planning platform that uses knowledge, analytics and learning to develop the best platform and solutions to help enterprises with their planning and decision-making processes. Global supply chains are the largest consumers of the Earth’s resources. Their philosophy is that good planning leads to achieving goals while using less of the Earth’s precious resources. They aim to bring together the world’s best technology, planning and industry experts to create the most value-generating enterprise software platform.

o9 Solutions was able to grow very rapidly in the last few years. But to grow even further, they had to look at the target accounts in the EU and the US. They had to find a way to engage with all these thousands of targeted accounts and gradually expand into other regions.


To achieve this, Chapman Bright helped o9 Solutions in building a data driven, predictable, and scalable demand generation engine, which attributes to their revenue goals. They have a number of companies in mind that they want to engage with within the coming 2 years. By using Marketo Engage to leverage account-based marketing, o9 Solutions will be able to detect when certain events are happening on which they can capitalize.


We completely implemented Marketo Engage for o9 Solutions within 8 to 9 weeks. The foundation for the first systems is established and Marketo Engage is linked to the CRM system Salesforce. The next step in the process is working on target accounts. Lead scoring, lead nurturing and lead management will be used to achieve o9 Solution’s revenue goals. Once the first results are obtained, they will be shared on this page.

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