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Data Management

What’s the cost of bad data (e.g. campaign results and poor reporting or not adhering to data regulations), and how to fix and prevent it? Think about how increasing and enriching your database can drive business value.
Katja Keesom, Senior MarTech Consultant "According to Harvard Business Review, the costs of bad data in the U.S. alone is more than $3 trillion per year. Have you allocated marketing budget for data?"

Commercial leaders are asking themselves:

  • How do I grow my database?
  • How do I know whether the quality of my database is bad or good?
  • How do I know my campaigns targets the right audiences?
  • Are we complying with all the data regulations?
  • How do I get the right policies in place to maintain a high data standard?
  • What’s the cost of bad data quality? Or what’s the value of great data?
  • Can my team maintain data quality by themselves? Is it worth it investing in an external DQ tool?

Frontrunning practisioners ask themselves:

  • Sales and/or customers complain about incorrect emails, what to do? Or emails end up in spam boxes.
  • How to fix duplicate records in my database?
  • Why are engagement rates are dropping?
  • How can I stop fixing incidents and implement an automated process to get in control?
  • I can fix bad data when I find it, but how do I stop it entering my database?
  • Are there any tools out there that can do it? And where do I go for guidance?
  • What to do about form fills and sales data with weird values?

Our offering

Not only will you be on top of your data health with realtime monitoring and insights, you’ll also be enriching and improving structually. You’ll be adhering to data regulations. And you’ll be cleaning and preventing poor data, according to best-practices, in a scalable and automated fashion. This with several data integrations.

All of this to prevent 12% loss in revenue due to poor data. But also to prevent reputation damage. Your multichannel campaigns will be better personalized and will have higher conversion rates. Driving more business.

We can offer you three packages: Elementary, Mature, and Advanced

  • Grow Your Marketing Database
  • Improve Your Marketing Database
  • Enrich Your Marketing Database
  • Legitimize Your Marketing Database
  • Connect Your Marketing Database


Data Quality Management Marketo Engage

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Some customers we helped with our data methodologies

Over the years data quality in Marketo dropped at Planon. There were a lot of records with weird characters or an ‘?‘ in it. This happened due to faulty imports and sync issues. Chapman Bright made sure the source of population was addressed. They were able to clean up all the thousands of records completely. "They ensured we are worldwide compliant for the new regulations. Afterwards they also trained our team to completely understand the processes."

Deduplication of your database

RingLead Marketo Data Deduplication Cleansing Normalization

Real-time Data Health Monitoring

Informatica Cloud Data Quality

Related methodology

Operations > Leverage > Data

Garbage in is garbage out. Hopefully you’ll have heard that quote many times before. It’s a bit of an open door, but you’ll be surprised how many companies have not budgetted for data within their implementation and/or migration of marketing technology. You’ve significantly invested in marketing technology, but data is essential for generating business value. Like leveraging your staff, you should also leverage your data to drive business value.

What’s the cost of bad data? E.g. poor campaign results, poor reporting, and/or not adhering to data regulations. Ensure your processes prevent bad data from the start. And think about the possibilities of consistently increasing and enriching your database to drive business value.

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Chaploop - Operations - Leverage - Data

Related technology: RingLead

RingLead enables businesses to optimize CRM and MAP investments by streamlining all core data operations.

This includes and is not limited to: automated deduplication, based on advanced matching criteria, and custom surviving field logic; Automated data normalization; list cleansing; dupe prevention and smart forms; lead routing.

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Without (proper) data, you can’t market your product(s) or service(s). Next to that, your data quality has a huge impact on your program and email performance. Therefore it’s important to clean your database on a regular basis.

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Want your data to drive business?

Through scalable best-practices