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From launching a high urgency Brexit campaign in 2 weeks to providing a core engine to improve marketing productivity



Portbase is a non-profit organization that connects all parties in the logistics chain of the Dutch ports. Their Port Community System facilitates data sharing between companies and information exchange with governments in order to work faster, more efficiently and at lower costs. Their goal is to make the Dutch port community the smartest in Europe.

The introduction of the Brexit caused major changes in the European ports, resulting in a number of challenges for Portbase. Unfortunately they were not able to launch a Brexit campaign with their former Email Service Provider in the way they wanted. Launching this campaign had a high urgency, as it was intended to inform and stimulate the contract managers and their users to get started with the new software. It was important for Portbase that their clients would not be idle when the new system went live.

Besides that, Portbase was looking for a new strategy to support its business goals. They were trying to find an efficient way to boost customer journeys, up- and cross selling, and marketing productivity and efficiency.


Portbase already worked with an email automation tool. Since this tool no longer met their automation requirements, Portbase asked Chapman Bright to work on the implementation of Marketo Engage to launch the Brexit campaign as quickly as possible. By using Marketo Engage, the goals for each and every service customer could be met with the help of customized communication. Chapman Bright designed and delivered a flexible drip nurture structure in which the campaign process was adjusted at individual level depending on status changes.

Donald Baan - Manager Business Development - Portbase “Marketing automation enables us to target our audience more effectively. With their professional approach and expertise, Chapman Bright guides Portbase with the implementation and adoption, whilst achieving results from the start.”


Chapman Bright managed to successfully launch the Brexit campaign within two weeks by implementing and integrating Marketo Engage. The project was executed in three languages: English, Dutch and German.

The collaboration between Chapman Bright and Portbase continues beyond the implementation to provide and further improve the core engine for identifying new customers and up- and cross selling opportunities. We work on creating a leadgen campaign for Portbase to generate more leads and enrich its current marketing database with new contacts. We’re building processes for the individual services Portbase offers in which leads can be generated using service specific interest scoring logic. When those leads become new customers for a specific service, an onboarding program will start to ensure that new customers embark in the right way to the services they have contracted. The added value here is that because of the smooth boarding process, usage will increase, which will subsequently lead to an increase of pay-per-use.

The Cargocontroller campaign is Portbase’s first campaign to use this strategy. Eventually, this process will be followed for each individual service to determine which service is the most prominent for an individual at any given point in time.


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Portbase - How the implementation of Marketo Engage contributed to the improvement of marketing efficiency and productivity

Learn about how the implementation of Marketo Engage helped Portbase launch an urgent campaign and contribute to their business goals


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