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Planon - Creating Commercial Excellence with Automatic Lead Routing

Planon is an international SaaS company that has been automating its marketing processes in Marketo for more than ten years. This meant that implementing new processes to improve data hygiene and automate lead routing started with a thorough evaluation of what was already in place and what the impact would be. This gave the team a deep understanding of what worked in the existing processes, and where improvements were needed, ultimately allowing for a successful RingLead implementation.

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At Planon, a lead is routed to an appropriate marketing colleague the moment they are created in Marketo. Only once the lead is sales-ready, will it be reassigned to a sales colleague in Salesforce. This creates a few unique challenges:

  • How to correctly assign leads to the right person initially
  • How to avoid reassigning leads who were created in Marketo via the Salesforce sync and therefore already have a sales owner
  • How to allow marketing colleagues to reassign leads manually in Salesforce without having Marketo automatically undo this change in the next batch campaign.
  • How to reassign leads when specific routing criteria has changed…but not reroute specific leads already owned by sales or a partner

With the global office of Planon situated in The Netherlands, they’re in the lead for the global Marketo platform. The outsourcing of Marketo support gives them the chance to not only have campaign management executed, but to look at what can be better. Looking at the operational programs such as opt-in process management which meet the GDPR guidelines and assessing data quality by automated programs is important to keep delivering the high standard they’re used to.

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Customer Story

Planon, Marketo frontrunner in The Netherlands, outsourced projects related to GDPR, data quality, and campaign deployment to us

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