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How can I ensure continuation for our MarTech, also considering changes in staff?
Fianna van Dijk, MarTech Specialist "Achieving success doesn’t only come with implementing new (cloud software) and processes. Half of the equation is based on people and change management. Important is the ability to demonstrate skills and behaviors. But also reinforcement to make the change stick."

Commercial leaders are asking themselves:

  • How do I ensure continuation of my business processes,
    that are now dependent on Marketo?
  • How do I ensure quality of work?
  • How do I ensure that we’re enabled to achieve the business case?
  • Does my MarTech vendor offer support?
    Which flavors of support are available? What SLA’s are in place?
  • Which training and coaching options are available?
    How can my staff be trained and supported?
  • Our administrator left the company. What now?

Frontrunning practisioners ask themselves:

  • Marketo is down; My campaign for today has an error;
    I can’t find the root cause of this issue;
    I don’t know the answer, what now?
  • How can I improve my MarTech skills?
    And perhaps certify at some point?
  • I need extra skills or hands (for building these campaigns)
  • Software support desks only supports their product (e.g. bugs),
    but not on how we use it for our business, what now?

My business and business processes are now dependent of a certain MarTech platform. This can include, but is not limited to, new name generation with forms, sending leads to sales, all email engagement with prospects and customers through the MarTech platform, etc. If the platform is not available or not properly administrated (by internal staff, with insufficient skills/expertise), it puts my business generation at risk (e.g. sales). This risk has to be mitigated. My staff also needs to be up-to-date with latest know-how to ensure business continuation. This also encompasses an HR perspective. Providing continuous learning for employees keeps them on board and prevents them from leaving the company.

I have a fallback and expert to turn to when I don’t know the answer for my question or problem. I can quickly get a proposed resolution, which helps me in getting things done. I can also further develop myself to be better in what I do, and grow in becoming an expert. This can also boost my personal career in the company, but also in the market. I’m just me and I don’t want to limit innovation and campaign deployment to my own 1 FTE availability. I would like to have extra resources (outsourcing).

Our offering

The best way to ensure business value creation with (new) marketing technology you invested in, is to safeguard it. Ensure it with a top-notch SLA and 1st-line support, periodic onboarding, periodic training (onsite, and on-demand), Q&A sessions, administrator coaching, key data quality monitoring, and stress testing templates and assets. And if needed weekly reserved hours for hand holding (e.g. reviewing and building campaigns), leadership coaching sessions, and best-practice template maintenance. A monthly agile marketing innovations methodology and budget. There is no better path towards your success!

We can offer you three packages: Elementary, Mature, and Advanced

  • Ensuring business process continuation
  • Operational business support
    (e.g. building and/or reviewing programs)
  • Enabling your staff with the right skills
  • Ensuring the Marketo business case


maintenance training support

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Some of our customers we structually supported and/or trained

Bas van Buuren - B2B Digital at Essent "I consider the Chapman Bright helpdesk and the involvement and coaching of their consultants as valuable resource in our daily campaigning operations with Marketo. Fast responses and great expertise."

E.g. Periodic stress testing of your templates and data health monitoring

EmailOnAcid Template Test

E.g. Coaching sessions, (on-demand) training, and (online) Q&A sessions

workshop jacques training

Related methodology

Operations > Leverage > Talent

Leveraging your staff is crucial for successfully adding business value from your marketing technology. Either by activating your staff after go-live to avoid falling into, what we call, the post-implementation blackhole.

You also need to make sure to document your decisions, so you can build upon them in the future. A lot of companies train their staff at the time of implementation, but what about your future new staff?

50% of the business success comes from change management. So next to training you also have to think about other ways for your staff to adopt the new ways and make the change stick.

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Chaploop - Operations - Leverage - Talent

Monique de Hond - Marketing at PinkRoccade “The Chapman Bright helpdesk is valuable for me, because they have great experience with Marketo. They know our business and react fast on questions and issues. They also give good advice on how to use all the different possibilities within Marketo, e.g. nurture campaigns.”

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