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Cookie Law Impact on Marketing Technology

cookie law

Diederik just tweeted about a recorded webinar from Marketo and iCompli on how the cookie law in the US and Eu impact marketing technology and this business. You can watch the 50 minute video via:


Not a summary, but some important things to act on:

  1. Create a plan on how you act on privacy matters and how you will act when people don’t want to be tracked.
  2. People can set the DoNotTrack option in their browsers (only Chrome hasn’t implemented this). This sends a header to your website. You can read this header an act on it (e.g. don’t use the Google Remarketing code when detected).
  3. The most important thing is not the cookie itself, but what is being done with it. (e.g. without cookies, your shopping basket wouldn’t work)
  4. It’s third-party-tracking that matters (according to the U.K.). Don’t sell customer data to other companies or ad networks (when DoNotTrack is detected).
  5. You could also ask people what not to do, when you detect this DNT option.


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