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thyssenkrupp - New Digital B2B Sales Methods for the Traditional Metals Industry by Leveraging Marketo and e-Commerce

For thyssenkrupp, it was essential that they  automate their processes in order to keep up with their rapidly innovating industry. This was further driven by the company’s pursuit of a successful entry into the aluminium commodity market with a digital go-to-market approach.

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Background & Challenges

thyssenkrupp Materials Services expressed the need to automate processes due to an undergoing paradigm shift in the industry which saw increasing pressures in competition and price as well as the rising pace of innovation. The company intended to enter the aluminum commodity market with a digital go-to-market approach that required automatic campaign workflows which would be orchestrated by a marketing automation platform such as Marketo Engage. In general, thyssenkrupp Materials Services acknowledged that whilst they are a traditional B2B organization, the future of B2B was and is moving toward digitalization. As a result of this paradigm shift, they decided to innovate and pursue the digital optimization of traditional methods.

Additionally, thyssenkrupp Materials Services was facing the challenge of selling products online to a target audience that was not used to directly ordering online. This means that not only was the company itself undergoing a significant change regarding their business practice, but their target audience was also experiencing change in how they typically purchased their products. Ultimately, this led the company to want a better understanding of their target audience through identifying customer needs, pain points and what works best for who and when. However, gaining this understanding and determining the best marketing tactics would require extensive experimentation.

Driven by a need to automate processes and increase sales, thyssenkrupp decided to pilot an ecommerce webshop dedicated to the local aluminum market. Using this digital go-to-market approach required no sales involvement, but did need automatic campaign workflows. The goal was to drive revenue without sales involvement through a combination of targeted marketing and self-service ecommerce tools. This objective was made more challenging by the fact that the typical aluminum consumer is not used to ordering directly online. This challenge required a lot of experimentation to determine the best marketing tactics for this very traditional business-to-business market.

Customer Story

Nieuwe digitale B2B verkoopmethoden voor de traditionele metaalindustrie door het inzetten van Marketo Engage en ecommerce

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