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A Comprehensive Guide to Getting Started with Dynamic Chat

How will you ensure you are successful with Dynamic Chat once that new tile appears on your login screen?


This white paper takes a look at three key elements you will need to keep in mind when implementing Dynamic Chat.

  1. Your strategy. It is essential to start with understanding your business goals and reasons for implementing chat before building your first conversation. What do you want to achieve? What theories do you want to test? Which ones should you start with? How will you determine success? All these questions should be answered before you even create your first conversation.
  2. Your conversations in Dynamic Chat. The obvious thing to keep in mind is how to build your conversations in the new tool. This involves your naming conventions for dialogue names, goals reached, etc. How to build out your audience criteria to target the right people. When to use questions versus information capture cards.
  3. Your processes in Marketo. However, it is important to not neglect the impact that implementing chatbots will have on your existing Marketo processes. Do you need to update your opt-in consent program? Do you need an additional program status for requesting content via chat? How will you trigger programs to send the requested content? Will you send confirmation emails to those who book a meeting, and how will you structure those programs?

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