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Transforming, enabling, and supporting a large services company in their digital marketing capabilities with Marketo



Deloitte has a large number of Marketo users with different skill levels and high turnover. They were not using Marketo programs correctly and consistently, which makes it hard to trust results and make data driven decisions. Even though there are a lot of Marketo users, they are supported by limited resources in the digital marketing team. This also impacts the execution and exchange of knowledge. They also wanted to investigate which lead management use cases can be utilized for specific customer groups. When COVID hit and all events needed to go digital, Deloitte needed to integrate Zoom and support the business. Ultimately Deloitte wants to further grow their digital skills.


Deloitte asked Chapman Bright, as part of the digital marketing team, to support the daily business. As part of an internal reorganisation Deloitte asked Chapman Bright to assist in developing new ways of working, including: Fewer local Marketo users, enabling offshoring team in India, restructuring local roles to increase focus and specialization in order to drive high quality, architecting the training process for local users on how to improve their skills and knowledge, and setting up monthly innovation and evaluation cycles.


Several projects and initiatives have been successfully rolled out and executed, such as:

  • Sufficient capacity now Chapman Bright is part of the Deloitte digital marketing team’s capacity
  • Clear guidelines and materials available for hosting Zoom webinars for customers
  • New way of working rolled out, which leverages the Deloitte colleagues in India
  • New preference center and underlying processes rolled out
  • Periodic training cycles and biweekly deep dive sessions
  • Coaching for super users
  • Periodic alignment between stakeholders to address issues and prioritize next steps

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