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Marketo Outsourcing

Challenges with resources?

Our core value is “for your personal success”. We strongly believe in enabling our customer to be able to run Marketo themselves. Only when someone knows how to do somthing themselves, we can help them become better at it. We put a lot of effort in documentation, training, handover, and workinstructions to make sure knowledge is transferred to the customer. Outsourcing somewhat conflicts with that ideology.

But sometimes our customers have to deal with colleagues resigning, maternity leaves, temporarily high workloads, or they are unable to recruit a new employee. In those scenarios outsourcing could actually help our customers to become successful, thus aligning with our core value for ‘your success’.

Monique de Hond - PinkRoccade “Chapman Bright is valuable for me, because they have great experience with Marketo. They know our business and react fast on questions and issues. They also give good advice on how to use all the different possibilities within Marketo, e.g. nurture campaigns.”

Outsourcing examples

  • Covering for a colleague’s maternity leave
  • Or when he/she is ill for a longer period of time
  • Temporary replacement until a new colleague is hired
  • Outsource your Marketo platform management and maintance to focus on marketing instead of technology
  • Outsource your structural Marketo training and/or onboarding programs to our certified experts
  • Focus on strategy and outsource campaign deployment
  • Outsource campaign deployment in specific regions without staff
  • Outsource campaign localization and translations for specific regions
  • Insource our Marketo expert(s) in your project
  • And more…

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