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In which industries are our customers? What do they say about us? And how did we help them grow?
But most importantly: How can their stories, pitfalls, lessons learned, and best-practices help you grow your business too?


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Our customers' stories

In B2B Software and/or HighTech

Globally leveraging marketing automation success management learnings

The entire MarTech roadmap was adjusted, based on the best-practices, to make sure the course was set to a global best-practice environment.


A personalized approach with faster sales results in the software industry

Leads that were captured by nurture campaign who weren’t known before, resulted in more sales.


Planon outsourced projects related to GDPR, data quality, and campaign deployment to us

Many thousands of records cleaned. Mail regulations implemented. More than 100 Marketo landing pages live using content AI, all within two weeks.


Improving sales alignment and the Marketo setup, to generate more sales ready leads

Before the year was over, twice as many campaigns were deployed, more than doubling the amount of new names generated and 5x more sales ready leads.


Other Software & HighTech customers

Our customers' stories

In B2B/B2C Energy & Utilities

Decreasing the cost of acquisition for solar panels by preventing unnecessary calculations and sending the right leads to sales.

Read about how innovation cycles drive continious business value.


From collecting waste to connecting to inhabitants to collectively transition to a more sustainable future

Read how Marketo is leveraged in B2C; How to find en engage ambassadors; How complex customer data is used for operational lifecycle emails; Connecting a mobile app…..


Enabling relevant acquisition and retention campaigns in the energy market

Essent, pressured by energy market forces, selected Marketo with Chapman Bright. They were live, with integrations, in just a few weeks, with high performing campaigns.


Other Energy & Utilities customers

Our customers' stories

In B2B Logistics & Transport

Improve global employee digital savviness and enable data driven marketing decisions.

Piloting marketing automation to build a library of business value generating use cases, which can then be globally rolled out.


Other Logistics & Transport customers

Our customers' stories

In B2B Commerce & Retail

Co-creating the business case for marketing automation for the investor board

Staples’ CMO successfully presented the business case to the investor board. Marketo ticked all the boxes and was selected.


Other Commerce & Retail customers

Our customers' stories

in Health & Pharma

Gaining momentum in commercial digital transformation in Pharma

Read about how Bial gained momentum in commercial digital transforrmation.


Other Health & Pharma customers

Our customers' stories

in other sectors


Finance & Insurance

Other (e.g. services, education, rentals, and agencies)

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