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Customer Intelligence Platform

Turn data into revenue with actionable insights
OneInsight is built to deliver the richness of customer data created with Marketo into any sales environment, thereby opening up true marketing & sales alignment and enablement for any Marketo-powered organization.

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OneInsight contains powerful features that turn knowledge into revenue:

● Best Bets
OneInsight leverages Marketo’s Best Bets to identify exactly those people who will give your sales team the best chances of creating revenue.

● Account Insights
Gain visibility into the most relevant and active people in your key accounts and gain the insight you need to extend your ABM efforts into Sales

● Sales Enablement
OneInsight Campaigns empower your sales team to trigger prepared Marketo Workflows making use of Smart Campaigns. This unleashes the full potential of Marketo while allowing full trackability.


● Program Overview
Provide your Sales team with all the information they need to keep them up-to-date on all your Marketing programs.

● Easy to implement
The integration of OneInsight into your CRM is fast and easy. OneInsight is compatible with all CRM systems.

● Highly Flexible
OneInsight is built with flexibility at its core to perfectly adapt to your workflow. You can embed OneInsight into your CRM, run it as a standalone application or use their Chrome Extension to make your Customer Insights portable across your entire tech stack – Customer Intelligence where you need it, when you need it.

About OneInsight – The Customer Intelligence Platform
OneInsight provides all relevant customer data like Interesting Moments, Scoring changes as well as Web, Email and Form interactions. All information is delivered in an easy-to-use, interactive user interface that highlights the most relevant data. Built specifically for Marketo, OneInsight is an alternative to Marketo Sales Insights (MSI) that extends MSI functionality to all CRM systems.

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OneInsight - Turn Data Into Revenue With Actionable Insights

OneInsight lets your business development & sales team immediately identify and engage the best-qualified prospects through an easy-to-use UI, connecting Marketing & Sales through data and insights.


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