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People tend to forget that when you implement a new marketing technology, you often are migrating from a previous platform. Or at least from some kind of related technology that will sunset. You will have to migrate and transform data. You have to train staff and update processes and ways of working. Or in some scenario’s you’re refreshing and/or re-installing a marketing technology.

No matter the reason for migrating, you’ll be facing some challenges. Our learnings from several migration projects resulted in a method that takes several things into account (e.g. team activation, a scalable process for migrating campaigns, contacts, and data, but also keeping your business alive, whilst migrating).

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Some customers we've helped with migrations

Louk Haarhuis, Product Owner at Essent Essent Marketo Migration and data Cleaning Project:
"8 - Overall it went well. Thanks to all the effort of Katja Keesom."

Essent, pressured by energy market forces, chose a direction that asked for specific marketing capabilities.

Essent selected Marketo and assembled an agile team, which learned on the job, alongside a Marketo professional.

Essent was able to execute its first campaigns during the first implementation sprints in the first few weeks.

Since the Marketo implementation, Chapman Bright has helped Essent with Marketo Engage related projects since 2017. E.g. Setting up multiple instances, data quality projects, integrations, campaigning, and migrations from old platforms.

Customer Story

Enabling relevant acquisition and retention campaigns in the B2B energy market with Marketo

Read about challenges and solutions in multiple (Marketo) projects.


Need our advice and/or guidance

for migrating your MarTech?