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Sales Alignment

Sales and marketing way to often find themselves being the stereo types they are. Sales is traditional and has no need or desire to chance. Marketing is enthusiastic and eager to change and leverage new technologies. In many occasions marketing pushes digital change without or with minimal imvolvement from sales. This is not ideal, but better than doing nothing, as digital change is neccesary, even when sales doesn’t realize it. The wolrd is changing into a place where you constantly need to adapt to changing digital environments and buying behavior.

Aligning marketing and sales is mission critical in this new world. Marketing technology and sales technology can ease the bridge, but is not the solution. Though sales enablement tools do often result in the small successes that graduately builds trust between both disciplines.

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Barry van Vliet - Marketing Manager Netherlands “Cleaning up lost/unassigned/false MQLs and revamping the local lead management and sales processes contributed in better leads for sales.”

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Want to leverage our best-practices

for sales enablement and sales alignment?