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Like for campaigns, your staff, and your data,…. your marketing technology will drive so much more business value, when you can leverage integrations. E.g. your marketing automation platform and your CRM could be considered the left and right heart chamber of your commercial business. Together they create synergy to supercharge your business.

Another example could be how you can leverage the data, on how customers engage with your videos from your video marketing platform, in your marketing automation platform to determine interest. This interest profile could then be made available to the account manager in CRM to make sure he/she is having the right discussions at the next customer meeting.

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Discover the value integrations could bring

to your business

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Kim Terpstra - Essent "Working alongside Chapman Bright, we managed to go live with custom integrations in just a few weeks. Including several successful campaigns. Since then it’s been a pleasure working together on several other Marketo related projects."

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Discover the value integrations could bring

to your business