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You’ve worked out your hypothesis for growth, you’ve prepared (e.g. pilot, business case), and you’re now ready to implement. This phase seems like the main part of your journey to business growth. However it’s just one of the phases. After implementation you have to spend an equal amount of effort in leveraging your new MarTech.

It’s not just implementing your new marketing technology (e.g. Adobe Marketo Engage), but it’s likely also about migrating from an old platform. This also requires to take good care of your data, building sustainable skills in your team and possible integrations (e.g. CRM, Sales Enablement, or Marketo Addons).

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Kim Terpstra, Product Owner at Essent "Working alongside Chapman Bright, we managed to go live with custom integrations in just a few weeks. Including several successful campaigns. Since then it’s been a pleasure working together on several other Marketo related projects."

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Need our advice and/or guidance

for implementing your MarTech?