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Organization design

How do you design your company’s organization for repeatable and scalable success? And how to align your marketing and sales? What are the considerations for organizing centralized, decentralized, or hybrid? It all depends on politics or where the talent is at your company.

70% of digital transformations do not reach the desired results. Companies fail to understand the difference between ‘change’ and ‘transformation’. And companies often fail into the toolbox trap. Implementing new technology, combined with user training, is not sufficient. You must organize for success and leverage best-practices.

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Rui Rodrigues - CIO & Global Information Systems Director - Bial “Having Chapman Bright’s guidance and support to design and plan our commercial digital transformation was a game changer.“

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Rob Tersteeg - VP Global Sales Operations “Constant innovation, alignment, and best-practices resulted in a state-of-the-art marketing- and sales engine to enable the business to perform at their top-best.”

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Ricardo Oliveira - Global Marketing Manager at Bial “The project was implemented according with the plan; good flexibility and capacity to adjust to client's insights; deep understanding of client's idiosyncrasies.”

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