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We found out that acceleration and repeatable growth through marketing and sales typically starts with a hypothesis. This could be a simple idea, such as the hypothesis that cold calling leads or calling leads with low quality by your inside sales is too costly. And that calling warm, more nurtured leads, could reduce the cost of customer acquisition (and improve employee satisfaction of inside sales representatives).

Discovering your growth potential starts with an assessment. Interviewing stakeholders from different parts of the business to discover the different hypotheses for growth and improvement. Plot and prioritize the ideas, based on effort and impact. Then work your way around the loop. First as a small pilot, and then scale those ideas that work.

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Wouter Hartman - Head of Marketing Excellence at Staples “By means of in-depth interviews and workshops we mapped the IT landscape and defined the Marketing Automation Roadmap. Their deep experience and expertise resulted in finding several high value use cases (e.g. Improve call-to-deal-ratio with better quality leads).”

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