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Garbage in is garbage out. Hopefully you’ll have heard that quote many times before. It’s a bit of an open door, but you’ll be surprised how many companies have not budgetted for data within their implementation and/or migration of marketing technology. You’ve significantly invested in marketing technology, but data is essential for generating business value. Like leveraging your staff, you should also leverage your data to drive business value.

What’s the cost of bad data? E.g. poor campaign results, poor reporting, and/or not adhering to data regulations. Ensure your processes prevent bad data from the start. And think about the possibilities of consistently increasing and enriching your database to drive business value.

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Need help in leveraging your data?

to create business value

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Louk Haarhuis, Product Owner at Essent Essent Marketo Migration and data Cleaning Project 2019-2020: "8 - Overall it went well. Thanks to all the effort of Katja Keesom."

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Need help in leveraging your data?

to create business value