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Leveraging your staff is crucial for successfully adding business value from your marketing technology. Either by activating your staff after go-live to avoid falling into, what we call, the post-implementation blackhole. You also need to make sure to document your decisions, so you can build upon them in the future. A lot of companies train their staff at the time of implementation, but what about your future new staff? You need workinstructions, on-demand training materials and period recurring (onboarding) training. Preferably with in-company certification.

Secondly 50% of the business success comes from change management. So next to training you also have to think about other ways for your staff to adopt the new ways. And untill you have gained the minimum level of experience, you can build upon external experts to guide you through your journey of growth.

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Karianne Myrvold - Marketing Manager Nordics “Their knowledge and experience around marketing operations, automation and Marketo is nothing but impressive.”

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Need help enabling or activating your staff?

Let's discuss how our method can help you