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Our Credentials

Awards, Certificates, Honors and more.

We constantly manage to make our customer successful. Mostly due to our Core Values and niche expertise. This expertise, our successes and the successes of our customers are also internationally recognized. Please find a collection of honors and awards on this page.


© Marketo Champion

Currently we have two Marketo Champions on board, Diederik who has been a Marketo Champion alumni 6 times and Katja our active Marketo Champion, who proudly received her Marketo Champion title in 2023. This means that in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2020, 2021 and 2023 at least one of our team members managed to get named to the world wide top-50 Marketo Champion© elite class.

Marketo Champions are individuals known for their outstanding leadership within the Marketo Community. They are recognized for their deep expertise in Marketo products, active participation in social platforms, and steadfast advocacy for the Marketo brand. These individuals stand out for their contributions and influence in the realm of marketing automation, consistently sharing knowledge and insights that benefit the broader community.

Marketo Champion alumni

© Adobe Community Advisor 2022

Katja became advisory board member
Subject Matter Expert

© Adobe Specialized Partner 2020 - Now

We became bronze level Adobe Solution partner.
Adobe Specialized Partner

© Marketo Gold Partner 2019 - Now

We were awarded with a Gold Partnership level. The only one in The Netherlands.
Marketo Gold Partnership

© Drift Certified 2019 - Now

Most of our consultants are conversational marketing certified.
Drift certified

© Marketo Certified Solutions Architect

7 team members achieved the highest level of Marketo certification.
Marketo Certified Solutions Architect

© Marketo Silver Partner 2016 - 2018

Currently we're Gold Partner.
Marketo Gold Partnership

© Killer Content Award 2015

Diederik (CEO) won the Killer Content Award with his team.
Killer Content Awards

© Marketo Certified Expert 2013- Now

We were among the very few first individuals to ever get Marketo certified.
Marketo Certified Expert

© Marketo User Group Leader 2012 - Now

We’re honored to be running the only official Marketo user group in the Netherlands.
Marketo User Group