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Video Marketing

Historically, video and marketing automation have been two separate entities, but with the TwentyThree x Marketo integration, marketers can now convert video viewers into leads through native video players, lead score them based on video engagement, identify existing Marketo contacts who engage with video, and set up automated logic through an innovative Marketo integration.

About TwentyThree™, The Video Marketing Platform.

Video is the best way to tell stories and connect with your customers. At TwentyThree, we empower marketing teams to finally integrate and add video to their marketing stack to successfully run video with inbound, webinars, social, and demand generation.

The world’s best marketers need a video marketing platform to make better-informed decisions about video across the entire marketing funnel.

Thousands of marketers are using TwentyThree to significantly increase their results and gain the missing 50% of website data through video marketing.


The Marketers Guide To Integrating Video Into Marketo

Setup and activate the TwentyThree x Marketo integration. Build lead generating campaigns through video & sync leads to Marketo.


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