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Advanced Personalization

We’re entering a new age where I have to balance my data driven marketing with humanistic marketing. The ever increasing requirement to be relevant, requires my company to be even better in understanding our audience, but equally important is to be able to leverage that intelligently in engage our audience at scale.
Fianna van Dijk, MarTech Specialist "Research shows that in-house marketers who are personalizing their web experiences and who are able to quantify the improvement see, on average, a 19% uplift in sales."

Commercial leaders are asking themselves:

  • How can we personalize the whole customer experience with our brand from start to finish?
  • How can we leverage our digital marketing solutions to be the most relevant to our audience?
  • How do I balance data driven marketing and humanistic marketing?
  • What would better personalization mean for generating more business value?
  • How do I operationalize personas in my marketing?
  • Is there a roadmap to personalization?

Frontrunning practisioners ask themselves:

  • How can we engage with thousands of prospects on our web site on a personal level?
  • How can we individualize marketing to increase response and/or engage more?
  • How do I properly use script tokens, segments, and dynamic content?
  • How do I measure the impact of personalization on conversion?
  • How to start? Are there best-practices, templates, examples, roadmaps available to get started?

Our offering

With 70% of buyers and buying experiences being based on how customers feel they’re being understood (McKinsey), and with 80% of buyers indicating they will only engage with personalized offers, it’s evident to personalize and tailor the entire buyer journey experience at scale through digital technologies (and machine learning).

But do this with a proper roadmap and according to proven best-practices, keeping a proper balance between a data driven and humanistic approach.

We can offer you three packages: Elementary, Mature, and Advanced

  • Operationalizing Personas and Segments
  • Data Quality Assurance for Personalization
  • Personalization Pilot / Business Case
  • Next-gen Personalization (e.g. Machine Learning)
  • (Corporate) Website Personalization


advanced personalization

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Some customers we helped with our Advanced Personalization methodologies

Marit Rossing, Lead Marketing Operations at Planon "Within two weeks they were live with 100+ Marketo landing pages using Adobe Marketo Predictive Content."

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How can you ensure you can leverage what you have deployed? We see four crucial elements to this. One of them is Engagement.

Everything you do evolves around your (potential) customer. How can you optimaly leverage the engagement with them. Through nurturing, scoring, events, webinars, chat, feedback, or conversational marketing. How can you leverage learnings and best-practices with a center-of-excellence and templated campaigns?

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