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Survey Marketing

Survicate has a native integration for Marketo. Not only does it allow you to collect customer feedback, but it allows you to leverage that customer feedback with Marketo throughout the customer lifecycle.

Integrated with Marketo

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About Survicate, The Survey Marketing Platform

Survicate has been around since 2013. Now we’re the world’s leading customer insights platform with over 50.000 answers collected per day. We are building an all-in-one customer insights platform that enables modern businesses to act in an agile, customer focused way. We firmly believe our goals are aligned with customer success, therefore we put a strong emphasis on excellent, personal support.

Survicate is leading teams to collect and act on customer feedback. From website optimization and customer satisfaction surveys to complex customer insight processes integrated with your email campaigns – they’ve got you covered.

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Leverage Customer Feedback Throughout The Lifecycle

#MarTechFriday 003 - In this video we'll demonstrate, based on our own user cases, how Marketo (marketing automation) and Survicate (surveys) can create synergy.


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