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Predictive Content

Make the most of every interaction by use machine learning and predictive to automatically pitch the most relevant content across your website, mobile, and emails.

Marketo crawls your website. It automatically identifies your assets, such as whitepapers, videos, case studies, and blog posts. Save time and simply choose which content gets recommended.

Get more ROI from your existing content, by leveraging content consumption, profiles, and behavioral patterns to learn which content works best for each individual, moving them through their customer journey faster.

Learn which content performs best with AI-powered content suggestions and audience suggestions. Use learnings to continually optimize existing content, as well as to create new content that resonates better with prospects and customers.

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Predictive Content


predictive content ai

While almost every big B2C organization is using artificial intelligence to increase purchases, we see almost no use of predictive personalization in B2B. The benefits are clear: meeting the buyers needs more effectively and efficiently, making interactions faster and easier and, consequently, increasing pipeline.

How can we move from basic personalization based on field insertion and segmentation to predictive personalization? All to create a more engaged buyer?

Follow Planon’s road to personalization; we will go through the use of Artificial Intelligence in web and email, Real Time Personalization, Ad Bridge and interest scoring.


Planon's Road To Predictive Personalization

Learn how to mature to predictive personalization with Marketo. Planon presented their best-practices at our Marketo Tips Sessions in London.

Marit Rossing, Lead Marketing Operations at Planon "Within two weeks they were live with 100+ Marketo landing pages using Adobe Marketo Predictive Content."

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