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Feedback & Survey Marketing

Integrate feedback data in your MarTech stack. This enables you to engage with your audience with more relevance and in a more meaningful way.
Bas van Buuren, MarTech Consultant ''According to Harvard Business Review, the greatest impact comes from relaying the results immediately to the employees who just served the customers—and empowering those employees to act on any issues raised.''

Commercial leaders are asking themselves:

  • How could we make our products and services better?
  • What do customers enjoy and value that keeps them coming back?
  • How can I make my customer feedback strategy better?
  • Can we boost customer loyalty?
  • Which client feedback channel is best for your objectives?
  • What do you intend to do with the data you collect?
  • How do I keep track of consumer feedback?
  • Do I have the internal abilities to set this up correctly the first time?
  • Do I understand all of the current situation’s hidden costs? Is there a viable business case (that I can demonstrate)?

Frontrunning practitioners ask themselves:

  • How can I make the client experience better?
  • Which aspect of the client experience do you want to enhance (onboarding, content marketing)?
  • What do your customers enjoy and value that keeps them returning?
  • How can I gather information to improve the client experience, services, and products?
  • How can I make better use of data to improve our products and services?
  • Is there any software that can accomplish it? And where do I turn for advice?
  • Do I have the time and abilities to set this up in addition to my current responsibilities? Will I comprehend the operation of this (external) tool/process?

A customer we helped with our Feedback & Survey methodologies

Our offering

Customers can transform every aspect of your company for the better if you listen to their feedback. The consumer becomes a more complex entity, with opinions and ideas that you need to listen to and take into account. Companies need to understand their customers needs and desires to gain competitive advantages in the market.

Depending on your maturity, we can advise the level to start with (Elementary, Mature, or Advanced). The following elements are part of the proposition:

  • Gain insights into the key mile stones and customer journey
  • Automated feedback per touch point/mile stone
  • Individual real time feedback to automatically impact customer processes and satisfaction
  • Improve customer touchpoints and prevention Analyze and use feedback to improve
  • Improving all kind of marketing automation process based on satisfaction segment
  • Create and leverage ambassadors to influence other customer and prospects to increase revenue
  • Leverage ambassadors to improve the whole business


Donald Baan - Manager Business Development - Portbase "Marketing automation enables us to target our audience more effectively. With their professional approach and expertise, Chapman Bright guides Portbase with the implementation and adoption, whilst achieving results from the start."

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