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Marketing Automation Checklist

Let’s revisit last year’s post – End of Year for Marketing Automation

The end of year is around the corner! And it’s the time of year to clean everything up. Prepare for the next season. And of course to support sales with their final deal. It wouldn’t be the first time some new KPI’s are introduced late January, but tracking wasn’t enabled as of January first. If only you would have known in advance!

In last year’s post, which you can access below, I have described 27 marketing automation end of year tips in 5 categories. I hope these provide you some additional ideas to consider for your own end of year checklist. Most of the tips on the end-of-year checklist are marketing Automation platform independent. If you have any additions, please leave them in the comments below.

  • A. End of Year Marketing Campaigns
  • B. Marketing Performance
  • C. Marketing Operations
  • D. CRM & Marketing Automation Data Quality
  • E. Marketing Budget & Targets

End of Year Marketing Automation Checklist

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