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MarTech Fanatics Forum

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It’s almost time for the MarTech Fanatics Forum in Utrecht on 21 November.

You can know choose the breakout sessions you would like to attend. You can do so by using the form below.

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16:00 -16:25


Account Based Marketing:
How Marketo runs their ABM strategy at each stage of the funnel

Max Biedermann | Solutions Consultant, Marketo

If you ever visited the Marketo Summit in the United States, you’ll know how popular the sessions are in which Marketo unveils how they do their marketing with Marketo. There are sessions on advertising, organizational design, campaigning, events, and more. Lately Marketo is also sharing how they execute their account based marketing initiatives. Max Biedermann will run you through their ABM strategy and execution. Which criteria do they use to segment accounts? Which marketing tactics and campaigns do they apply on each account segment. Which KPI’s do they use? And how do they report on results?


Back to basic:
let’s talk email

Arjen Segers | MCSA

Emails. They cover 5% of Marketo’s capabilities, yet there’s a fair chance you’re spending 95% of your time in crafting them. And from your clients’ perspectives, email messages are among your company’s most visible and tangible Marketing expressions.

In this inspiration session we’re going back to basic and talk do’s and don’ts in creating your emails: deliverability, design, content, personalization, testing and performance and of course developments in the email landscape, so you can improve your beautiful email creations the next day.

16:30 - 16:55


Bad data = …
Poor personalization and nurturing

Katja Keesom | MCE

With Marketing Automation tools you can create super cool personalizations at every level, based on the information you have about a contact. But what if that information is incorrect, out of date or inconsistent? The effect of your personalization effort will be wiped away. Worse yet, it can turn a great customer experience into a bad one. Targeting the wrong people with your campaign or addressing them incorrectly can have a big negative impact on your ROI. To make the most out of your marketing efforts, you constantly need to stay on top of your data.


The truth about making nurturing and scoring work
Jacques van Seeters | MCSA

Nurturing and lead scoring are at the heart of a successful content marketing strategy. Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales ready leads at a 33% lower costs. But how do you start with it? What is the best way to deliver the content? How do you set up successful leadscoring? And how to this this in a scalable and flexible way so that you can tweak and improve your nurturing program easily? Jacques van Seeters will share many ready to use tips and tricks in setting up leadscoring, content programs and engagement programs, being the building blocks for a successful nurturing program.

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