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Adobe Real Time CDP

What is Adobe Real Time CDP?

Adobe Real Time CDP (RTCDP) is a powerful tool for businesses as it provides a single unified view of the customer, enabling businesses to deliver personalized and relevant experiences across all channels. It offers advanced segmentation and targeting capabilities, as well as real-time activation of customer data for use in marketing campaigns, customer service, and other customer-facing activities.

Combine Marketo Engage and RTCDP: unleash the full potential

When integrating Marketo Engage with RTCDP the functionalities of both platforms will be enhanced. Businesses can leverage the customer data collected by RTCDP to create personalized marketing campaigns using the automation tools in Marketo Engage. This integration can help businesses deliver targeted marketing messages to customers based on their preferences and behaviour, which results in an engagement list, faster time to market and workflow efficiency. The unified, up-to-date profiles, combined with democratized AI/ML will lead to better segmentations and targeting and an improved customer experience. Read more about Marketo Engage here.

Real Time CDP Use Cases for marketers and customers

More and unified data means improved customer-, but also marketer experiences.

Common marketer use cases are:

  • Create unified lead, account and opportunity profiles using all known and pseudonymous data
  • View, segment and activate audiences from multiple data sources, such as paid media and owned channels
  • Lead to Account matching

Common customer uses cases are:

  • Personalized advertising and retargeting ads
  • Personalized cross sell campaigns
  • Personalized web and app experience

Other CDP platforms

All CDP tools are designed to help businesses gain insights into customer data via unifying multiple data sources and analysing it from a single unified perspective.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is a cloud-based customer data platform that helps businesses unify customer data from multiple sources. It allows businesses to connect data from various sources, including sales, service, and marketing channels, and provides a 360-degree view of customer interactions and behaviour.

Azure Synapse Analytics is also a cloud-based analytics service that helps businesses gain insights and improve business outcomes. It allows businesses to provide a unified service for working with relational and non-relational data at any scale.

Key differences and similarities between CDP tools

Functionality: Adobe Real-Time CDP and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights are both customer data platforms that help businesses combine customer data from multiple sources and gain insights to improve their customer experiences. Azure Synapse Analytics, on the other hand, is a cloud-based analytics service that helps businesses analyse enormous amounts of data in real-time to gain insights and improve business outcomes.

Integration: All three tools offer integration with other systems and services. Adobe Real-Time CDP and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights integrate with a range of marketing automation tools, while Azure Synapse Analytics integrates with other Azure services, such as Power BI and Azure Machine Learning.

Adobe Real-Time CDP is the most customizable and may be the best choice for businesses with complex data analytics needs. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is a viable choice for businesses that are heavily invested in the Microsoft technology stack, while Azure Synapse Analytics is an excellent choice for businesses that need to analyse enormous amounts of data in real-time.

How Chapman Bright can help you in your CDP journey

At Chapman Bright we aim to be your trusted advisor for all your MarTech needs. With our vast Marketo and Adobe expertise we can help provide:

  • Create use cases and user stories to define your CDP needs Personalized cross sell campaigns
  • Help you identify the requirements for your CDP system
  • Assist you during the RFI and RFP process
  • Help define key metrics and analyse pilot results
  • Support in implementing your CDP system


Defining and implementing Your CDP Needs: We can help you define your specific CDP requirements, translating them into impactful use cases and user stories that drive personalized cross-sell campaigns and exceptional customer experiences while also providing guidance on data integration, system configuration, and best practices, enabling you to derive maximum value from your CDP investment.

Requirement Identification: We can assist you in identifying key requirements for your CDP system, ensuring seamless integration of data sources and optimal utilization of customer insights.

RFI and RFP Support: Navigating the complex Request for Information (RFI) and Request for Proposal (RFP) processes can be challenging. We provide guidance and support, helping you create comprehensive documents that attract the right CDP vendors and solutions for your unique business needs.

Key Metrics Definition and Pilot Analysis: We collaborate with you to define key performance metrics and benchmarks, allowing you to measure the success of your CDP implementation. Through analysis of pilot results, we provide valuable insights that optimize marketing campaigns and refine the overall customer experience.

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