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Demand Generation - How to Reinvest Your Event Dollars Right Now

New realities call for new thinking.

To lead demand generation in our current climate, you need to be a creative realist. With a lack of in-person events and sponsorship opportunities leaving a gap in the demand generation pipeline, it’s time to go back to the drawing board.

What you really should be thinking about is what you can do with your event and sponsorship budget to get the kind of results you need to keep your pipeline healthy. And that means you need to get more creative.

A lot of you are likely in the same boat. So, in the interest of transparency and moving forward through the pain together, here’s a rundown of how Kate Adams, VP of Marketing at Drift, think you can approach reinvesting your event and sponsorship dollars this year.

You can read her full blog entry by clicking the ‘read full article’ button below. Or click on any of the links below to dive right into the different paragraphs of her article.

So, moving forward through the pain together

Find tips on how to reinvest your event budget