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Top Lead Generation Strategy for 2016 - 27 Marketing Leaders Pitch in

Early 2015, Jeff Coveney from asked Diederik to pitch in on a marketing automation article. Now Jeff asked him to share something on his lead generation strategy for 2016. Read the full article.

Diederik’s lead generation strategy for 2016:

“In order to get more and better leads to sales in 2016 we will, among many other things:

– Have more focus on expanding our reach within current target verticals;
– Implement stronger messaging which is better targeted and more contextual;
– Increase our data quality. Especially for supporting sales with named accounts;
– Decreasing the drop-out in our lead management process by even further aligning marketing and sales;
– Further improve our reporting capabilities.

The keyword in my opinion for 2016 is FOCUS!”

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