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Do you successfully leverage your marketing automation platform?

Winter is definitely coming after this past cold weekend. Heaters are turned on again and more warm water is flowing than it has in the past half year. For me, this is the time to look at my energy contract to see if it still suits me. And that’s how my energy supplier thought about it too.

At a morning in October I received a new offer, which would suit my needs best. With this new monthly payment I wouldn’t be surprised by the annual financial statement at the end of the year. However, I was surprised, not by the annual statement, but by their new offer. In the email they offered to almost triple my current monthly payment, without a change in household or energy prices!

I immediately called them to ask if they’ve made a mistake in their offer to me. A simple calculation confirmed this indeed. Being familiar with marketing automation, my first thought was they used a wrong formula in email scripting. This can happen when emails aren’t checked and tested. They admitted they made a mistake in the calculation. I asked them to send me a new offer, so I can decide to stay or change supplier. The day after I received their new offer, nevertheless the same mistake was made.

I fully support the choice of my energy supplier to deploy marketing automation

It gives them opportunities in engagement marketing, which they wouldn’t have using a simple email tool. But, every tool is as good as the users’ competence. Therefore I want to stress the importance of successfully deploying marketing automation. Because, how amazing would it be if they would’ve sent me an interesting offer at the right time, so I would have stayed as a customer and would not have spent time myself searching the internet looking for the right supplier? Marketing automation gives you lots of opportunities, though, it is important to successfully deploy it to get your company where it wants to be.

Ready to take your marketing automation platform to the next level?

SiriusDecisions claims that 85% of B2B marketers felt they were not using their marketing automation platform to its full potential. We actually notice this as a lot of companies turn to us, that had marketing automation implemented somewhere else, and did not achieve the results they expected. So what can we truly expect and believe about marketing automation? Is it really a game-changer?

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Successfully leverage your marketing automation platform?

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