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The Impact of Marketing Automation on Business Growth

Marketing automation pursues a better, faster and automated marketing and sales process.

This will eventually increase business growth. Although this sounds amazing, we believe that hollow words mean nothing. So, what is it exactly in marketing automation that helps grow your business?

A customer at the start of a Marketo implementation asked me this specific question. She wanted to know how marketing automation helped our business grow. An interesting question, which every company can answer differently. Marketing automation offers a wide range of features, which gives you lots of opportunities in marketing. On the other hand, the countless options make it harder to decide where to begin.

Before you start, it’s self-evident you would like to know which features will benefit your company the most

Knowing which route in marketing automation your company takes, will result in a clear and effective marketing strategy. A recent survey (Optimizing Marketing Automation survey, ClickDimensions & Ascend2, June 2018) that was published, shows the most effective tactics used to optimize marketing automation. Next to the effectiveness of the tactics, they’ve also researched the difficulty to perform. An interesting fact you would like to know to measure the impact on your marketing department. The research gave the following results:

1. Personalized/dynamic content
Most effective: 51%
Most difficult: 44%

2. Customer experience mapping
Most effective: 45%
Most difficult: 55%

3. Landing page & form CTA
Most effective: 43%
Most difficult: 20%

There is a lot of information provided such as above in several online researches. With this information you can determine your marketing strategy and how your business wants to deploy marketing automation. Look at your business and marketing goals and choose the opportunities in marketing automation that suits your company best. This will optimize the benefits for your company the most. Get more results and inspiration in the above-mentioned research.

Next to these three tactics, we see an improvement in sales due to better lead nurturing and lead scoring

When you exploit this feature in Marketo, it will be easier to see which leads are ready to follow-up and which leads aren’t. This means inside sales can save time by only approaching leads that are worthwhile and sales-ready. In the end the added value is better marketing- and sales alignment and sales enablement.

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