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Is Log4j impacting Marketo Engage or Adobe?

Covering some important questions you might have regarding the Log4j Vulnerability:


1. Is Adobe aware of this Apache log4j library vulnerability?

Yes. Adobe is aware of this Apache log4j library vulnerability.

2. Does Adobe use the Apache log4j library impacted by this issue?

Yes. This library is widely used in many applications and services across the industry, including Adobe.

3. Is my data impacted?

The investigation is ongoing but, to date, Adobe has discovered no indication to suggest customer data has been impacted as a result of this issue.

4. What is Adobe doing to address the vulnerability?

Adobe is investigating potential impact and is taking action including updating affected systems to the latest versions of Apache log4j recommended by the Apache Software Foundation.

5. How is Adobe addressing this vulnerability with its vendors/suppliers/partners?

Adobe is reaching out to our vendors to determine potential impact now.

6. Is there anything customers need to do to help protect themselves against this issue?

There is nothing additional you need to do for your Adobe applications at this time.

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