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Mobile Rise: More Mobile Traffic than Desktop Traffic is Reality!

More than 25% mobile traffic was already reached in september 2011

Diederik Martens made a statement, in September 2012, that he expected over 25% mobile visits before March 2012. He also stated that he expects Mary Meeker’s +50% mobile traffic to become reality before 2013. He made these statements his my article: “Mobile Rise Increases and puts your Conversion Model at Risk“.

Both statements are now reality! At least, for During the summer of 2012 there was over 50% mobile traffic (including tablets). November 2012 shows 41,01% mobile traffic and 15,12% tablet traffic and combined 56,13% traffic.

More than 25% mobile traffic was already reached in september 2011. Exactly one year after he made the statement.

* Mobile traffic and tablet traffic are tracked seperately since November 2011.

But what about other websites?
Diederik is a consultant for 3 large webshops. These webshops all show a mobile traffic share of 20 to 25%. These webshops have thousands of visits each month. Interesting is that conversion rates for mobile (including tablets) is 35%-60% lower than via desktops. Really strange is that 85% of all mobile traffic to this webshop is from tablet traffic. Why are these conversion rates so much lower?

Something else worth mentioning is that small websites with only a few hundred visits per month (or less) have less than 11% mobile traffic? Why would this be?

What are your experiences?
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