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Munchkin - How to use real web page engagement scoring?

Marketing automation tracking scripts

You likely hit this page if you are already running some kind of marketing automation platform. And you have its tracking script installed on your website (e.g. Munchkin from Marketo). The script records page visits for your leads. I don’t want to dive in the technical details on how it connects a cookie to an existing lead in this post. But Munchkin helps you to filter and trigger on web page visits in Marketo. Or something similar, if you are running a different marketing automation platform.

You could increase the lead score for every page visited on your website. Though I do hope you are running some smarter logic than that! Maybe some interest scoring, where you increase the specific score for a certain product line, for every relevant page that is visited for the product line. But what does a page visit really mean?

A better way to track page views (for scoring)

What if someone only visited the page for 2 seconds? Does that really mean someone is more likely to buy that service/product? But what if he/she visited that page for over 40 seconds? Or what if he/she scrolled over 75% of the page? And have you thought about the actual content and length of the content on the page? 15 seconds on a short article has a different weight to it than 15 seconds on a very long article.

E.g. If you’ve spent less than 5 seconds reading this paragaph, it’s worth less than if you have spent 10 seconds reading this paragraph.

Ideally you could mix ‘scroll-percentage’, ‘time-on-page’, and ‘page-length’ into a ‘page-engagement-weight’. You could write this in a Javascript and then inject the ‘page-engagement-weight’ value into your platform’s tracking script.

P.s. If you’re a Chapman Bright customer, you should have our script for this running if you have purchased our nurturing & scoring service. This allows you to trigger on weight, like shown in the screenshot here.

Marketo example trigger

Marketo Munchkin Trigger Page Scoring Weight

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