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Pagerank Sculpting with Javascript instead of No-follow (Dutch) has an article in which Matt Cutts (Google spokesman) stated that you can’t use nofollow for pagerank sculpting anymore.

My response on the article in English:
Hyperlinks (a href) which can contain the rel=”nofollow” could be changed to an onMouseDown event (Javascript). Search engines won’t see a hyperlink and won’t take it in to account when calculating the internal link juice. So don’t make your disclaimer in your footer a hyperlink, but use a span with an onMouseDown event. If you want the page to be crawled you need to make sure the page is in your sitemap of couse! This technique allows you to continue pagerank sculpting without nofollow.

Don’t use: <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>disclaimer</a>
But use: <span onMousedown=”location.replace(‘’);”>disclaimer</a>

There is a catch though. If a user has disabled Javascript, he won’t be able to open the link. But almost every user in Europe or the US has Javascript enabled.

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