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Success Model for Social Media Sharing

Which bottlenecks need be addressed when using social media in marketing campaigns?

My model gives you insight in the potential bottlenecks of your viral marketing campaign.

1. Publish
One could decide to use social media for a campaign (e.g. open house for a University). One of the reasons could be to save on media spent. Be aware one could only do this when onces social media presence is established en when there is frequent interaction with the network. The open house could be mentioned on Twitter, Facebook and/or LinkedIn. A clear call-to-action should be communicated (e.g. hyperlink to registration form). It’s important to publish outside your profile as well. Try to find other locations to publish too. But watch out! Don’t try to sell to much.

2. Share
The idea of the model is that your network will share your message with their network. This enables you to reach people outside your direct network without enormous media spendings. Your own network also acts as ambassador! Bottleneck: Why would anyone take the trouble to share your message?

3. Re-share
Real success is only achieved when a campaign really goes viral. This when your message gets reshared to the network of the network of your network. This creates large exposure with minimal media costs. But… an investment will most likely be neccessary to fix the bottleneck below. Bottleneck: Why would someone outside your network (who doesn’t know you) take the trouble to reshare your message?

4. Transaction
All is great of your goal is branding. If not, exposure only doesn’t help you much. There needs to be a transaction (e.g. downloading of a brochure, purchase or registration). But when a message gets reshared a lot it could become difficult for someone who doesn’t know you to find you. So make sure people can still find you even when your message gets reshared (e.g. hyperlink).
Bottleneck: How would to direct someone to a transaction (without pushing to much)?
Bottleneck: Why would someone, who doesn’t know you, be willing to start a transaction with you?

5. Interaction
Back to social media basics: It’s about maintaining real relationships, based on bi-directional communication. So be sure to interact with the new people, that the campaign added to your network. Bottleneck: Where will you interact with them (which platform)?

There are many more bottlenecks to address in many of the sub processes at each stage. But the main idea is to understand the potential bottlenecks at each stage of the resharing process. A funny video could be all that’s needed for someone to share your message. A reward (e.g. prize, gift) could also convince someone to share your message. Putting someone in the spotlight could also be a great idea (e.g. a Facebook widget that shows your friends how many trees where planted as a result of each of your purchases at a well known webshop. Who planted the most trees?).

Feel free to share your social media success below or any comments on my model!

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