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Tool: SeoQuake Plugin for Firefox

I have a habit to analyse each website a visit. Especially since I have installed the SeoQuake toolbar (Firefox Plugin).

The toolbar has a lot of usefull information that updates each time you visit a page.

From left to right we have:

  • PR: PageRank
  • I: Number of indexed pages in Google
  • L: Number of links pointing to that that SINGLE page
  • LD: Link Domain, which is the total number of backlinks for the domain
  • I: Number of pages indexed in MSN
  • Rank: Alexa Rank

In a fraction of seconds, you can see if the website you visit is a serious website. I particularly like the Alexa Rank and the number of backlinks. These are usually good indicators of a website popularity.

Then, we have some other interesting options:

From left to right we have:

  • Age: domain age (which ShoeMoney blocks so that’s why we don’t see it.)
  • I: The Delicious Index or the number of times the page was bookmarked on delicious.
  • whois: The domain’s whois information.

The domain age is provided by The web archive and the button will bring you to the domain’s history.

Finally, some very useful options for your own website:

Source will of course bring you the source code of the page and it is very useful to access the page’s source code faster. Internal links are the amount of hyperlinks on the current page that point to the same domain. External links are hyperlinks on the current page that point to other domains. The toolbar also has a great feature for keyword optimization: Density. This feature will give you a lot of information about the keywords on the page.

This way, you can optimize your keywords by checking how many time each of them appears on the page.

Download SeoQuake.

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