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Viral Marketing Examples WalkThrough

Many online markters would love to be the one that came up with a great viral.

But what is a viral? And what makes a viral great? What are the succes ingredients? I will discuss some of my personal favourites on this page. read my post on my social media sharing model too.

Strange Dave from Hi wants to be your buddy on Hyves (Dutch ‘Facebook’)

You get a friend request from a guy called Dave. Click the link and you will see his profile. Before you can read it or accept the friend request a video starts playing. It features Dave of the Hi (Mobile Operator) tv-commercial (Due to low prices more and more ‘strange’ people enter the Hi/High society). The video shows Dave rapping. One of the coolest things is he’s actually singing your name in his rap! And your name is on his t-shirt. The idea is to become friends with Dave… And send Dave to your friends. This is a beautifull and fully integrated multi channel campaign. It’s recognizable due to the tv commercials. The video uses your profile details and is very funny. This makes people share (send Dave to their friends). The video spreads very quickly (the idea behind virals). You also get an offer after the video.

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Tipp-Ex lets you change the story (the one with the bear)

The movie starts with a hunter encoutering a bear. It’s for you to decide if he should shoot or shouldn’t shoot the bear. No matter what you choice the hunter doesn’t want to kill the bear. Instead, he graps the Tipp-Ex corrector from a banner on the side (ouside the regular YouTube video area) and removes the word ‘shoot’ from the movie title. He than asks you to fill in any word to alter the ending of the movie. It’s very funny to come up with words to test. Before you even know you spent at least 30 minutes. Great branding experience and so funny you inform your friends. To bad it lacks integration with sales opportunities. Tips: rides, shoots, dances with, moonwalks with, wrestles with, marries, tipp-ex, has sex with, jumps over, eats….

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Bacardi Mojito birthday cocktail

Your at a cocktails bar and there’s a photo on the bar. Was that…. The bartender makes you a cocktail for your birthday and says it’s a gift from someone. His/her name is written on the coaster. The bartender gives you the suggestion to serve Mojito’s on your birthday party. Nice idea, but there’s not much interaction (visually).

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Stanislav (Russian maffia) on Hyves steal your indentity

Almost every Hyves member (10Mio) has seen this one. You watch a lot of gangsters that try to find information on someone on a social media platform. They are getting closer by the minute. DAMN!! It’s you they’re after! Photo’s of your friends, your name,…. They just spotted your address and they take their guns, get in their cars and leave to get you. The idea is that your private data is public and privacy is something not a lot of people pay attention to. They present it in a funnt way in order for the message to be spread, but will a funny message serve it’s purpose?

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ABN AMRO redecorates your website

Do you know the tv commercial from ABN AMRO BANK where two employees of a completely empty restaurant in Monaco argue about the reason why there are no people? In this simple banner the argument continues and the break down a part of the website around the banner. This creates room for a bigger banner. Not a great viral to share with your friends, but funny to watch.

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Grolsch Beer, Moke & Junky XL organize a secret party

Grolsch knows what a viral is all about! A smart and integrated combination of Social Media and PR really worked for them. Their advertising agency explains to viral in a video.

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You can also watch my ‘Favourite Viral’ channel on YouTube. Click here!

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