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Planon - The Power of Automation for Data Management

Revamping lead routing and follow-up processes is no easy feat, especially when dealing with a decade’s worth of data management and operational processes. Planon overcame this obstacle and successfully integrated RingLead to cleanse their database by removing duplicates, leading to successful lead management strategy, while also enhancing process efficiency and lead-to-account mapping. Thanks to the implementation of data hygiene processes, Planon can now ensure that their data is accurate, up-to-date, and properly formatted, which resulted  in more effective marketing campaigns and better targeting. Furthermore, those automated processes enabled Planon to redirect time and resources to other business activities.


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The challenges to be solved

Since Planon had been using Marketo for over a decade, the system contained a labyrinth of data management and operational processes that had been configured by former team members. As the current marketing organization wanted to revamp lead routing and follow-up processes, this first required an understanding – and update – to the existing data management processes. Understanding the implications of modifying the existing processes was critical in defining the scope of future projects and in identifying the most suitable partner.

  • A crucial obstacle that the team faced was the need to have accurate and high-quality data, as they planned to utilize this data for their lead routing project. As a result, they decided to integrate RingLead as a preliminary measure to ensure the success of their lead management, lead routing, and lead-to-account mapping project.
  • Another challenge was the need to review their data management processes and identify areas for improvement: although Planon had established several data management processes in the past, these processes were initially established by former colleagues who were no longer there. Accordingly, Planon faced uncertainty in regards to their next course of action, as they lacked knowledge on the potential impact of modifying the existing processes.
  • Ultimately, Planon was dissatisfied with the level of data hygiene and data normalization, and sought to enhance their process efficiency by replacing laborious manual tasks with automated solutions.

Planon is an international SaaS company that has been automating its marketing processes in Marketo for more than ten years. This meant that implementing new processes to improve data hygiene and automate lead routing started with a thorough evaluation of what was already in place and what the impact would be. This gave the team a deep understanding of what worked in the existing processes, and where improvements were needed, ultimately allowing for a successful RingLead implementation.


Planon - Creating Commercial Excellence with Automatic Lead Routing

Learn more about how Planon implemented a solution that improved their data hygiene and automated their lead routing.


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