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Lely - Leveraging Conversational Marketing to enrich data, increase sales and customize experiences through Adobe’s Dynamic Chat

We invited Lely International to join us in the Beta program for Adobe’s Dynamic Chat to be one of the first customers using this new solution.

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As a worldwide organization, one of the challenges for the Lely International marketing team is to supply a continuous and predictable supply of leads to the various countries, primarily using the website and marketing automation.

At the time, the only lead capture option offered on the website was to download a brochure on relevant product pages, or to fill out a contact form. However, this was not showing the results that Lely required.

The website would get around 2 million visitors per year, which clearly shows interest in the Lely products. But this did not consistently lead to new names in the database. For example, more than 5,000 people would visit the Astronaut A5 product page in The Netherlands per month, but less than 0.2% would fill out the form for a brochure.

Once this challenge was identified, Lely considered different options to engage their website visitors and encourage a conversion. Chatbots seemed to be the obvious solution, and then it was only a question of which product to select.

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